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Having been brought up in Turkey, an agriculture rich country, we are passionate about working with soil at a time when food resources are strecthed, the world needs to gravitate towards new smart agricultural models. We want to play a key part now in transforming traditional agriculture with modern technology and professionals.

We combine extensive real estate experience of Property2invest with 20 years agriculture background of Walnut Farmland to offer unique opportunities in agro-business.

As one of the most established and strongest examples of Europe's Agricultural Real Estate Developer options, we are committed to excellent service quality.


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What We Do

You can safely invest your money into managed farmlands with a steady high income and the know-how provided by Walnut Farmland.
  • Walnut Farmland offers expertise on finding a suitable land to cultivate and creating an infrastructure with our team.
  • Once the perfect land is found and the infrastructure is set, the trees are planted. We grant your title deed accordingly.
  • While your land gains in value over time, you also gain wealth from your investment in agriculture.
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Why Invest in a Farmland?

While your land gains in value over time, you also gain wealth from your investment in agriculture.

We can give you more information about our fully managed walnut farmland system and we can help you to become an agriculture investor.

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How to Invest in Farmland with Walnut Farmland? August 13, 2020

How to Invest in Farmland with Walnut Farmland?

With Walnut Farmland, you will have made a perfect investment in the future with the soil and production investments you will make at the right time and in the right place. The system is pretty simple.We start by purchasing land from a place where the desired feasibility results are positive, and we ensure that this place is operated until the desired maturity and ready-for-sale product growing process. In order to join the system, it will be sufficient to pay the down payment and confirm the rental agreement.


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How the System Works?
August 18, 2020

How the System Works?

The system is built on a fairly simple setup. This transaction promises continuous earnings and increased earnings rates. First of all, we guide our teammates who will help you and give information about which product you need to plant. As the first start of the system, we will conduct feasibility studies and focus on making a clear decision about how large the required product will be planted in an area. Then we bring this area to a point suitable for walnuts. For example, we demonstrate the best process to be in irrigation, fertilization, field separation, grafting and all other technical issues.


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Apartments vs. Farmland
August 22, 2020

Apartments vs. Farmland

If you want to invest and invest forward and achieve this by renting agricultural land, we have great offers for you.Thanks to the mechanism created within our company, you can get maximum profit from minimum product and cost.Our professional colleagues give you the most accurate and transparent information at all stages of the partnership, giving you the opportunity to use the right product at the right time and at the lowest costs.


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